IBBY Palestine

Update from Gaza, 28/07/2014

The situation is extremely traumatic and is extremely difficult. It is not any exaggeration to say what is happening is a crime against humanity.

Thanks to some satellite TV and social media coverage, these atrocities are seen by everyone around the world. No manipulation and reverse of truth and reality. More than 221 Children have been killed and 1,263 Children wounded until this morning.

To know more about the root of the problem and the sad saga it is important to know that 80% of Palestinians in Gaza are refugees, children who form around 40% of the population, are the third generation of refugees. All these generations endured the trauma and oppression of the Nakba/ dispossession, long years of ongoing occupation toppled with 8 years of siege. Now a six years child would have been exposed to three ethnic cleansing dreadful wars!

Despite the unlimited and shameful support of the US to Israeli aggression and crimes, hundreds of thousands of people around the world are demonstrating against this horrific aggression on Gaza, demanding its halt and an end to  the siege and an end to occupation of Palestine as a road to just peace!

As for IBBY libraries and Team:

The very sad news is that it looks that the entire community centre (al Ata’a) that hosted our library has been completely destroyed! At the beginning of this year we started a 2nd library in the other end of the centre to cover all areas of Beit Hanoun. The Guardian reported today that in Beit Hanoun, “scores of homes were pulverised, roads were blocked by wreckage and power cables dangled in the street…. Israeli tanks stood by as people searched through the debris for their belongings.”

Of course the librarian Abla Hassan is still displaced with her family as well as the children of the library and their families. More than 167,269 Palestinians are displaced now.

No clear news from our library in Rafah as it is a military zone and no one is allowed to go there. Mahmoud the librarian his family and all the children of the library with their families are displaced all in very unhuman situation.

Yesterday the roof of the building and the upper floor of the building where PBBY Coordinator Nabeela Hassan and her family live, have been bombarded and damaged. For few days before that, the family has been living in horror as many buildings in their neighbourhood were destroyed or damaged. The family moved to their neighbours in the first floor where they are living now, with no water as the tanks on the roof were destroyed. There is complete absence for electricity from Gaza for more than four days now!

We are trying to send some urgent money to our Team in Gaza from our account in Ramallah to cover some emergency needs. However, the banks are still closed but we want money to be available as soon as there is ceasefire. Some limited initiatives for donation  has started from few friends and relatives.