Outstanding Books for Young People with Disabilities Outstanding Books for Young People with Disabilities

IBBY Outstanding Books for Young People with Disabilities List 2017:

Every two years IBBY compiles an international catalogue of recently published outstanding books for young people with disabilities. We seek to identify well-written and illustrated books for and about young people with different abilities, presented with dignity, emphasizing the person rather than the disability itself. 

The catalogue covers three categories of books:

1. Specialized formats: Books produced in special formats, such as Braille, sign language, picture communication systems, tactile, and easy-to-read books, which are specifically written for young people with developmental, mental or language disabilities..

2. Universal Access: Picture books from the mainstream children’s publishing market which are not in specialized formats but are accessible to a variety of ages, levels and abilities. Examples would be books with simplified concepts and text, brightly coloured or contrasted illustrations or a larger print font.

3. Portrayals of Disability: Picture books and novels from the mainstream children’s publishing market that portray persons with disabilities. This does not include physical health issues, unless they lead to chronic disability. However, mental health issues such as OCD or schizophrenia, which affect a young person’s ability to live as they wish, may be included.

The catalogue will be introduced at the Bologna Book Fair and an exhibition collection of the books will be on display at the Toronto Public Library. The 2015 Collection is presently touring venues in the UK and we intend that the 2017 collection will also be available to tour to institutions and other locations in the UK. If you are interested in hosting the collection, please contact info[at]ibby.org.uk.