IBBY UK commission the publication of proceedings and papers from our annual conference at Roehampton University, held in conjunction with the National Centre for Research in Children’s Literature (NCRCL) at Roehampton University. We also publish IBBYLink three times a year and greeting cards. 


ibbylink49-summer2017-historicalbooks.pdfThe IBBY UK journal IBBYLink, published three times a year on themed subjects, keeps members up to date on current issues and events. Typically the journal includes articles, a wide range of reviews of books for young people, reports on attendance at events, lectures and conferences, recent winners of awards and competitions, the announcement of forthcoming conferences, exhibitions and events, and a range of news items of interest to IBBY members.

IBBYLink is sent to all IBBY UK members as part of their membership.


Outstanding Books for Young People with Disabilities

IBBY Collection of Books for Young People with Disabilities 2015Every two years, IBBY invites nominations for its international list of Outstanding Books for Young People with Disabilities. Nominations are made by IBBY national sections and the final list is selected from these by the IBBY Documentation Centre of Books for Young People with Disabilities which is based in Toronto. Because of its international content, the list is unique in the children’s book world.

The books in the final selection form three collections. One is held at the IBBY Documentation Centre in Toronto and the others are available as travelling collections. An annotated printed catalogue of the final selection is published. Further details and copies of previous lists can be viewed on the IBBY website.

The 2017 list will be unveiled at the Bologna Children’s Book Fair next March.



an international initiative by IBBY Italia

Thanks to the valuable contribution of the IBBY National Sections, an international collection of wordless books has been created. The books have been used for the following initiatives:

  • The creation of the international travelling exhibition Silent books. Final Destination Lampedusa
  • The creation of an historic archive of wordless books housed in the art library of Palazzo delle Esposizioni in Rome, which is the largest interdisciplinary exhibition area in Rome with a special emphasis on contemporary art. The archive is accessible to the public as well as to researchers.
  • The creation of the first stock of books for the planned children’s library of Lampedusa as a way of helping and supporting both the island's own children and the children arriving at the Centre for First Aid and Reception.

Greeting Cards

Jane Ray Christmas Card 2016As a means of promoting and advocating books for young people, we produce a series of greeting cards each Christmas.

This pack of ten Christmas cards is designed by Jane Ray and is IBBY UK’s featured card for 2016.

The design is taken from The Nutcracker (Hachette Children’s Group 2015) and illustrates the opening scene: “The Front Door was flung wide to welcome guests to the Ernst family Christmas party. Friends and relatives, young and old, all came, stamping the snow off their boots and greeting each other with hugs and laughter”.

Jane Ray has produced many stunning illustrated books over the years and IBBY UK is very grateful to her for providing this year's card.

  • Jane’s card is available now to order at £6 (inc. postage and packing) for a pack of ten.
  • Previous card designs by Axel Scheffler, Jackie Morris and Jan Pienkowski are also available as individual packs of ten.
  • There are also multipacks of ten containing three cards each by Axel Scheffler and Jackie Morris, and two cards each by Jan Pienkowski and Jane Ray. 

A pack of 10 cards costs £6 (inc p & p).





Proceedings from the 33rd IBBY International Congress, London 2012

33rd IBBY International Congress poster

The 33rd IBBY International Congress, Crossing Boundaries: Translations and Migrations, was held at Imperial College, London, in August 2012.

The Proceedings are being made available in electronic format on the Congress's dedicated website:



IBBY UK/NCRCL Conferences:

Beyond the Book: Transforming Children's Literature

Bridget Carrington & Jennifer Harding (eds.)
Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2014. ISBN 9780954638498Beyond the Book: Transforming Children's Literature

November 2012 saw the joint annual conference of the British branch of the International Board on Books for Young People (IBBY UK) and the MA course at the National Centre for Research in Children’s Literature (NCRCL) at Roehampton University. The theme of the conference was the investigation of aspects of literature for children that were ‘Beyond the Book’. From woodcuts to e-books, children’s literature has always lent itself to reinterpretation and expansion. In its early days, this was achieved through different forms of retelling, through illustration and interactive illustration (pop-ups and flaps), and then through music, film, television and stage adaptation. The contributors to the 2012 conference explored the variety of means by which we transform literature intended for children, and celebrated the vibrant world of creativity that has sought, and continues to seek, different ways in which to engage young readers.

Conflicts and Controversies: Challenging Children's Literature

Bridget Carrington & Jennifer Harding (eds.)
Pied Piper Publishing, 2011. ISBN 9780955210679

This collection of papers represents presentations given at the annual Conference of the British branch of the International Board on Books for Young People (IBBYUK) and the National Centre for Research in Children’s Literature (NCRCL) at Roehampton University in November 2010. Its subject, Conflicts and Controversies, reflects the breadth of discussion in which students of children’s literature engage, and the papers themselves reveal that there is a long and involved history of controversy and conflict both within and about books for young people.

Individual papers from authors, publishers and scholars examine that history, but also consider what makes a book controversial, particularly in the opinion of adults, and how writers through the centuries have portrayed conflict – social, personal and political – to draw the attention of young readers to the often perplexing and uncomfortable realities of life.

Going Graphic: Comics and Graphic Novels for Young People

Going Graphic

Bridget Carrington & Jennifer Harding (eds.)
Pied Piper Publishing, 2010. ISBN 9780954638498

The 2009 British IBBY UK/NCRCL MA conference, held at Roehampton University, highlighted not only the rich and varied literary output that is developing from the interaction between an increasing variety of graphic media, but also the continuing and fruitful collaboration amongst a wide-ranging group of children's literature enthusiasts, which results in this annual event. Going Graphic: Comics and Graphic Novels for Young People explores the developing interest in the graphic medium from a variety of perspectives, in addition to considering developments in the range and content of comics and graphic novels now available to children and young people.

Deep into Nature: Ecology, Environment & Children's Literature

Deep into NatureEdited by Jennifer Harding, Elizabeth Thiel & Alison Waller
Pied Piper Publishing (NCRCL/IBBY papers 15), 2009. ISBN 978095521069

Discourses of global warming and ecological disaster dominate our contemporary world. This important and timely collection, bringing together papers from the 2009 British IBBY/NCRCL MA conference Deep into Nature: Ecology, Environment and Children's Literature, explores the relationship between texts for children, and nature and the natural world. Featuring articles by a diversity of contributors, from leading authors to eminent academics, it demonstrates the breadth of ways in which today's ecological and environmental concerns are being confronted and interrogated by children's writers, educators and scholars.

What Do You See? International Perspectives on Children's Book Illustration

Jennifer Harding & Pat Pinsent (eds.)
Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2008. ISBN 9781443800075What Do You See?

This extensively illustrated book is a collection of the papers given at the 14th annual IBBY/NCRCL conference held at Roehampton University in 2007. It reflects the convictions of the editors and the participants that picture books and other illustrated texts for children are vitally important as substance for academic debate, and that people in the English speaking world are far too often ignorant of the wealth of literary and artistic material deriving from other cultures and traditions.

The papers explore the diversity of modern children's book illustration and consider its potential as a space for cultural dialogue and exchange. They also look at ways in which illustrations are themselves histories of art and style, arising from cultural tradition, and the extent to which they enable us to traverse boundaries and dissolve barriers.

The sections into which the volume is divided to some extent represent different areas of debate: the work of illustrators from Europe and from the rest of the world, and the response to such books by their youthful primary audience. Attention is also paid to some of the new talent in the area of children's book illustration. While it would be impossible for any book to convey the richness of the visual experience of the conference, we hope that the illustrations may go some way towards recreating it.