IBBY UK Nominations for the Outstanding Books for Young People with Disabilities 2017 list

IBBY UK has selected twenty three recently published books to put forward for IBBY’s international List of Outstanding Books for Young People with Disabilities 2017.

The selection was made by a panel of Clive Barnes, Becky Butler, Suzanne Curley and Carol Thompson, advised by inclusion consultant Alex Strick (www.alexandrastrick.co.uk). The nominations include books specifically published or thought suitable for children with disabilities and books which feature disabled characters.

This is the largest number of titles ever put forward by IBBY UK for this list and reflects the growing number of published books which feature disabled children and young people as protagonists or major characters. They were selected from a preliminary list over twice as long and include Jacqueline Wilson’s updating of the Susan Coolidge classic, Sarah Crossan’s Carnegie winning title One, Julia Donaldson’s What the Jackdaw Saw, and Cece Bell’s autobiographical novel El Deafo.

The panel would like to thank all those publishers who put books forward for nomination or who agreed to their books being considered by the panel.

Despite such as strong list, only three of our UK titles were selected for the 2017 catalogue. We feel it is important to honour and promote all of the books that we selected, so when the collection tours next year in the UK, all of our books will be included. The exhibition and the UK entries have recently been on display in the Hive at Worcester University and an annotated list is availalble. If you are interested in having the UK collection, or booking in for the IBBY collection next year, then do contact us.