IBBY UK celebrates the coming together of all those involved in children’s books: authors and illustrators, academics, librarians, teachers and publishers. Our main event is the IBBY UK/NCRCL Conference held in the autumn each year.

IBBY UK/NCRCL Annual Conference

26th Annual IBBY UK NCRCL Conference
Saturday 9th November 2019
A World of Information: Children’s Non-Fiction Books in the Digital Age
Centre for Literacy in Primary Education, London

The date for this year’s IBBY UK/NCRCL Conference has been confirmed for 9 November 2019 at the Centre for Literacy in Primary Education with the theme: A World of Information: Children’s Non-Fiction Books in the Digital Age.

Bookings will open soon!

Conference programme to be announced.

Past Conferences


The 2018 conference explored the significance of crafts and hobbies as theme, practice, motif, educational tool and generational bridge.

Subjects explored were:

  • The historical shifts in the role and significance of these activities in childhood experience as depicted in a wide range of texts.
  • The role of crafting and hobbies in children’s fiction and in picture books.
  • The role of books in craft and hobby activities; and consider the craft dimensions of books as material objects.
  • The use of collage and textile as illustrative components, at paper-cutting and pop-up books, and at books that are themselves craft or hobby objects.

The conference included keynote presentations by well-known illustrators and craft practitioners, academics, and key figures in the children’s literature world.


The theme of the 2017 conference was Happily Ever After: The Evolution of Fairy Tales Across Time and Cultures.

  • The same fairy tales often appear across different cultures. How and why does this happen?
  • Should fairy tales be updated – or even subverted – to appeal to modern audiences?
  • How have fairy tales evolved as they’ve been retold across the centuries?

The conference included keynote presentations by writers, publishers and academics. Themes explored were:

  • variations in fairy tales across cultures
  • campfires to apps – how fairy tales have been shared across time
  • how fairy tales are viewed through a feminist lens
  • whether fairy tales are inclusive for readers of all backgrounds
  • the challenges that modern tellers of fairy tales face
  • how fairy tales can challenge established storytelling tropes
  • how to make an old story feel new

Our keynote speaker was Professor Vanessa Joosen, University of Antwerp.

Information on other past conferences will be uploaded to the website soon; please bear with us!

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