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The flight of Mr Finch

Thomas Baas

Mr Finch lives a quiet life in the middle of the city. He has always lived in this neighbourhood but keeps himself to himself. His only friend and companion is his little bird Pip. However, once day Pip stops singing. He seems to be unhappy. Will the plant from the deepest jungle help?

There’s room for everyone

Anahita Teymorian

How to explain the social world we live in to children? Anahita Teymorian takes her young audience on a journey – a metaphorical journey from birth to growing up to become an adult.

You’re snug with me

Chitra Soundar, illus. Poonam Mistry

“You’re snug with me” whispers mother polar to her two little cubs as outside the Arctic winter reigns. The seasons move, and the little cubs have questions as they gradually move out of their den to explore and mother bear answers but always ends with the reassuring words ”You’re snug with me”.

Somewhere there is still a sun

Michael Gruenbaum, with Todd Hasak-Lowy

This is Michael Gruenbaum (Misha)’s own story, recalling the events eighty years ago, when he was a nine-year-old Jewish boy living with his family in Prague and Nazi troops invaded Czechoslovakia, his country.


Julia Jones, illus. Claudia Myatt

Liam is rising ten and feeling increasingly isolated from family life, like “a single pebble on a shingle beach”.


Nadine Kaadan

This picture book focuses on the isolating impact of war on Syrian children, who are forced to always stay at home because the once safe and fun world outside has changed to a place of danger.

The King of Nothing

Raúl Nieto Guridi, transl. Saul Endor

The King of Nothing is about abstract concepts: stubbornness, imagination and the very nature of existence. With its witty text and beguiling illustrations, this picture book honours the absurd in a way that marks it as a true one-off.

Grandad Mandela

Zazi Ziwelene and Zindzi Mandela, illus. Sean Qualls

A story told in sounds and pictures from a versatile Italian illustrator. The mellow colours of the crayon illustrations bring reassurance and comfort as little croc goes to playgroup for the first time.

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