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Somewhere there is still a sun

Michael Gruenbaum, with Todd Hasak-Lowy

This is Michael Gruenbaum (Misha)’s own story, recalling the events eighty years ago, when he was a nine-year-old Jewish boy living with his family in Prague and Nazi troops invaded Czechoslovakia, his country.



Julia Jones, illus. Claudia Myatt

Liam is rising ten and feeling increasingly isolated from family life, like "a single pebble on a shingle beach".


Peace and Me

Ali Winter, illus. Mickaël El Fathi

Peace and Me focuses on 12 women and men who received the Nobel Peace Prize, describes their stories and explains the reasons behind their nomination.



Nadine Kaadan

This picture book focuses on the isolating impact of war on Syrian children, who are forced to always stay at home because the once safe and fun world outside has changed to a place of danger.


The King of Nothing

Raúl Nieto Guridi, transl. Saul Endor

The King of Nothing is about abstract concepts: stubbornness, imagination and the very nature of existence. With its witty text and beguiling illustrations, this picture book honours the absurd in a way that marks it as a true one-off.


The colours of history

Clive Gifford, illus. Marc-Etienne Peintre

A fascinating illustrated introduction to aspects of the role of colour in history.


Grandad Mandela

Zazi Ziwelene and Zindzi Mandela, illus. Sean Qualls

A story told in sounds and pictures from a versatile Italian illustrator. The mellow colours of the crayon illustrations bring reassurance and comfort as little croc goes to playgroup for the first time.


What does the crocodile say?

Eva Montanari

A story told in sounds and pictures from a versatile Italian illustrator. The mellow colours of the crayon illustrations bring reassurance and comfort as little croc goes to playgroup for the first time.


The Curious Lobster

Richard Warren Hatch, illus. Marion Freeman Wakeman

Once again the New York Review of Books Children’s Collection widens our horizons! The latest addition to their dozen or so titles is a collection of all of Richard W. Hatch’s Mr Lobster stories, originally published in the US in two books in...

15 things not to do with a puppy

Margaret McAllister, illus. Holly Sterling

What to do when a new member of the family arrives? No, not a baby, though this is a frequent theme in picture books – but a puppy? This is indeed a situation that many families will face and it is one that does need...

Rusty the Squeaky Robot

Neil Clark

Rusty, the little robot on Planet Robotin, is unhappy. Wherever he goes, whatever he does, he squeaks. How can he enjoy life when he is unhappy with himself?


Is it a mermaid?

Candy Gourlay, illus. Francesca Chessa

When Benji and Bel meet a strange creature on the beach, what can it be? The creature states with confidence she is a mermaid. Benji with equal confidence knows it is a Dugong. Who is right? Or can you be two things at the same...

The Carnivorous Crocodile

Jonnie Wild, illus. Brita Granstrom

There is a crocodile in the water-hole, a carnivorous crocodile terrorising those who want to enjoy the water. Can the animals defeat the bully?


Children in Our World

A Wayland Book Series

The four part Children in Our World series, a picture-book series that aims to help children make sense of the larger issues and crises that dominate the news.


Who Are Refugees and Migrants?

Michael Rosen & Annemarie Young

In Who Are Refugees and Migrants? Rosen and Young describe the suffering of migrants whether they are in flight from conflict or from economic hardship – from starvation and disease.


The Milk of Dreams

Leonora Carrington

This slim book contains some of the stories, poems and illustrations that the painter Leonora Carrington created for her two sons. Carrington was a surrealist, born in England and who spent most of her life in Mexico.


The Doorman’s Repose

Chris Raschka

These tales of life in a ‘spiffy’ New York apartment house are by an author best known in the United States for his picture books, two of which have received Caldecott Medals.


Little People, Big Dreams

Lisbeth Kaiser, Isabel Sánchez Vegara, illus. Ana Sanfelippo, Amaia Arrazola & Marta Antelo

The following three books are in the series Little People, Big Dreams, which presents simplified biographies of women from history.


The Waggiest Tails

Brian Moses and Roger Stevens, illus. Ed Boxall

In this book in Barry-Otter Book’s poetry series to encourage children to read and enjoy poetry, we have two very well-known poets, Brian Moses and Roger Stevens.


Whose Eyes Are These?

Virginie Gobert-Martin , illus. Madeline Peirsman

A pair of animal eyes is pictured on one page, while the opposing page asks, “Whose eyes are these?” Turn over the page, and the animal is identified and characterised in a few short lines of poetic and somewhat whimsical prose on one...

This Way, That Way

Antonio Ladrillo

For an adult like me, who isn’t given to idly, or even purposefully, folding paper into different shapes, this is a challenging book. There are pages of different shapes in bright colours, some of them cut horizontally, with two goggle eyes and a smile appearing in different places...

Ella, Queen of Jazz

Helen Hancocks

This is a picture book introduction to the singing career of Ella Fitzgerald and her friendship with Marilyn Monroe. It is also about the discrimination against black musicians in the States in the 1950s and early 1960s and focuses on an episode in which Marilyn’s intervention helped Ella...

Tug of War

Naomi Howarth

Who are the biggest and the best in the jungle? Elephant and Hippo certainly think they qualify and they are sure that to be friends with Tortoise, slow, ugly tortoise, is beneath them. But brains will always trump beauty – and Tortoise proves this emphatically.


Bronze and Sunflower

Cao Wenxuan

This book was the winner of the Marsh Award 2017 and Cao Wenxuan was the winner of the 2016 Hans Andersen author award. This book was included in the Hans Andersen citation.


Translating Children’s Literature

Gillian Lathey

The series Translation Practices Explained has been enriched with Gillian Lathey’s book Translating Children’s Literature, the first practical guide to address various aspects of the translation of literature for children.


The Tigon and the Liger

Keilly Swift, illus. Cosei Kawa

Picture books with an overt message about appreciating difference can sometimes be hard to enjoy, but this gentle, skilful tale certainly isn’t one of them.


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